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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

Good game on the whole. I like the basic gameplay, the visuals and the narrator, but it has a few issues.

- Your attack has longer range than the animation seems to suggest (the animation makes it look like it would extend to the far end of the smaller square within the square, but it seems to actually extend all the way out to just outside the larger square). I also find that the attack is slightly slower than the animation seems to suggest, and "hangs" in the air after the animation seems to be finished. The end result is that the optimal time to attack something is much earlier than it appears to be, which is quite frustrating.

- The blood splatter is a nice effect but it clutters the screen a little too much.

- It's annoying to have to go through the earlier stages of the game over and over again before getting to deal with the larger numbers or stronger enemies that actually kill you. I'd have liked a difficulty setting that lets you start out against a higher threat level.

Really fun game, great for killing a few minutes. If you do end up expanding it, I'd suggest some sort of level select as well as challenge modes. You could do stuff like arrows only, or arrows and shurikens, or melee only.

I finally did it! 3:30. Took me forever to get past the Emperor and then I lived another 1:30 yay. Great game, kept me trying for quite a while. While simple, the game is fair most of the time and that is what makes it so addictive. When you die, it's because you screwed up (even though some situations are quite unfair). The only problem I had, and I was about to give one star less, was some lagging issues (chrome) where the game would refresh and I had severe frame skipping for 1-2 seconds, enough to die. But then I figured it's probably not your fault. Anyways, the music fits very well, not too annoying and the comments are quite fun. If you decide to make it into a full game, please don't add any achievements that make it easier. If you feel driven to, make it possible to skip the first 30 seconds or something but don't add lives etc.
Well now that I did it, I'm gonna get those hidden achievements! Even though I have no idea what they are :(
Best regards!

This game is very well made. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a lot of content. Please create more! It should be expanded!

haha awesome game. i ant get past 1:25!!!