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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

certainly one for the books!

Good Job! i specially love the smack-talk when you die LOL!

This is somehow really easy if you button mash the arrow keys and WASD together. No look--1:22

The game is way too challenging, as ninjas walk to you whenever they feel like and the shurikens are just hard to notice, mainly coz if you kill a ninja, the blood is an excessive mess. It's not fun at all, as I keep on dying at 1-2 kills.

Redforestinteractive and Fiddex's flash game, Death By Ninja, is a challenging game. Death By Ninja reminds me of another flash game called, Too Many Ninjas, the same concept but slightly different gameplay. Death By Ninja has stiff controls unless you're spamming at a direction already. The game is extremely difficult because of the controls. You won't be able to defeat 4 red ninjas coming from each angle when the player has to finish his swing animation to move on to a new angle. The blue ninjas are perfectly created for the game - they are spaced away perfectly and their shurikens travel at a well pace to react quick enough. The green ninjas are fun to watch as they come out at you unpredictably and fast. (I haven't reach further than Priest rank so excuse me if I forget to mention another ninja you encounter later on.) Each play through is different and makes climbing the ranks artificially difficult. According to the author of the Death by Ninja, they have more plans to update the game which I look forward to but for what the game is, it's worth 2 stars.

Fun concept, hard to see projectiles sometimes due to the blood animations though.