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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

This is a extremely addictive! It has a lot in common with Foddy's game "Too Many Ninjas". The structure and timing of the game and the sound effects are great. Is it possible that the higher medals aren't working properly? I killed the Emperor and then continued to live long enough the get the subsequent rank (so never died with "Emperor" as my ranking) and the medals for King Slayer and Imperial March didn't show up.

Awesome! They don't have many games like this out these days!

A simple but challenging game <3

This game is nice and addictive, but I have a couple complaints. There´s a bug that an arrow is shot directly at a you and you have no time to react, it´s insta kill. Refreshing my browser seems to resolve the problem. Also, not a real problem, but lot´s of blood may conceal some stars and arrows and it can be quite dificult to spot them in that bloody mess. Aside of this, great game, congrats.

Lovely idea to keep the character in the middle and have simple controls.
All the challenge comes to timing and rhythm, and i love it.