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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

Very addicting, but i expected a run & gun or something.

In any case, this game have a challenging difficulty, but i think it will need some more content, like power-ups.

PD:The voice is very funny

I like it went I deflect a shuriken back at a blue ninja and it kills him. It's like "Now you know what it feels like, Chad. Now you know what it feels like!"

This game is really addicting!
It took me a while to reach the "Ronin" rank and I'm still playing to beat that... frustrating in a good way.

Really like the controls and the gameplay. and the narrator is just brilliant!

Unlockable envroments and player skins would be a great addition.

If there's one little thing I would change, it the sound when you hit the shurikens with the sword. I would prefer a more "metal on metal" clinking sound instead.

Good job guys!

When I first started my first game the announcer said "You've been sentences to death by De Ninja." my 1st thought was "I hate when that happens."

its a simple game but it is well implemented. The Game play is solid and I like the fact that you can reflect projectiles. You get bonus points for not just flipping the sprites left to right. There is a unique stance and animation for you when you turn left to right. I know its a small detail, but its there.

The minimalist soundtrack and the plentiful bloody pixels were in keeping with the low budget martial arts movie feel you had going, but the announcer seemed out of place. Perhaps it was what seemed to me like a pseudo-British accent, but he dimished it a little. Some of what he said made sense in context. Things like "Brutal" or "what a shiny sword." some of them were slightly silly like "he was about to retire." but some seemed out of place like "did I ever tell you about my friend called Jeff?" that just seemed.... odd.

Cool game :)

The graphics are really good and the controls are smooth and easy (even though I just have to spam WASD in order to survive ;D) and I didn't encounter any bug :) However, the game got boring after a while. I understand it's hard to do so in a game like that but I suggest you add something more to make me press the replay button a few more times ;)

Overall, good game :)