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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"

A good start position for further development, but needs some work.
1. The most important: at the current stage the game is creating impossible patterns - or rather there are no patterns, so it is creating impossible situations. My ninja just died, because I deflected 1 shuriken from below, one from the left side, but at the EXACTLY same time another was coming at me from the right followed by an arrow and one ninja approached from above. Is it avoidable? I guess it is a rhetorical question.
2. I guess we got an omnipotence paradox here: the developer created a game that he cannot beat. A challenge for the developer: test all of the medals, pass the game and by doing this prove to everybody that the game is doable at the current stage :-) If not - rework the game. Re-balance it.
3. A small suggestion: enable restarting with for example the space key, or R, or enter, but enable a restart with the keyboard.
4. Adding a Newgrounds scoreboard would be a good idea with separate boards for kills and time survived.

Nice concept, just painfull to have to start all over every time, if it had a checkpoint so we can fight master ninjas early would be nice.

Still the narrator is the best.

Ok so first off, this is a really nice game. The controls are smooth, the graphics are neat and I love the simplicity of it. That being said, I do have a few criticisms.

The voice acting is a little off... it seems like you had the direction down, but should have gotten someone else to do it rather than doing it yourself.

Most of the time the ninjas are just aimlessly running around not attacking you, I understand that this is likely by design, the AI could be tightened up a bit.

The random highspeed dart that flies out of nowhere is something that IMO, should be introduced a bit later in the game after some scaling.

I hope you don't take any of these criticisms too harshly though, because I really dig the game. Look forward to seeing more of your work!

Good game on the whole. I like the basic gameplay, the visuals and the narrator, but it has a few issues.

- Your attack has longer range than the animation seems to suggest (the animation makes it look like it would extend to the far end of the smaller square within the square, but it seems to actually extend all the way out to just outside the larger square). I also find that the attack is slightly slower than the animation seems to suggest, and "hangs" in the air after the animation seems to be finished. The end result is that the optimal time to attack something is much earlier than it appears to be, which is quite frustrating.

- The blood splatter is a nice effect but it clutters the screen a little too much.

- It's annoying to have to go through the earlier stages of the game over and over again before getting to deal with the larger numbers or stronger enemies that actually kill you. I'd have liked a difficulty setting that lets you start out against a higher threat level.

This game is awesome and addictive but I am having problems with the fast arrows and the blood animation. I suggest you put a signal whenever an arrow is coming your way and the blood animation should be changed as it is sometimes blocking the direction of where the arrow is coming from.

Overall, this game is very good but needs a little more improvement.