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Reviews for "Death By Ninja"


This game is good. And Very Rage

This game is awesome and addictive but I am having problems with the fast arrows and the blood animation. I suggest you put a signal whenever an arrow is coming your way and the blood animation should be changed as it is sometimes blocking the direction of where the arrow is coming from.

Overall, this game is very good but needs a little more improvement.

This game is pretty good for the short time it was made in, but as such, it has a few problems that I'd like to suggest a fix for:
Firstly, the arrows are way harder than anything else in the game. This is because they are the fastest moving thing in the game, and the only thing that can't be anticipated, as they come from off-screen, unlike every other threat, which comes from a ninja that runs around and you can track. For this reason, there needs to either be some cue telling you there's gonna be an arrow coming your way, either in the form of an archer peeking out from where it's gonna come from, or the sound of an arrow being fired, preferably both. Alternatively, the arrow could be changed to move slower and thus be more manageable. The arrow should also have different particles to the shuriken, as this similarity can cause one to fail to see an arrow coming if a shuriken was just deflected, as happened to me once.
Secondly, it is possible to get rushed from three sides before you even have the special move ready, which happened to me once. A fairly simple fix for this would be to limit the amount of threats that can approach you at once in the early game by preventing the AI from sending any arrows, shurikens, or soldiers if, say, two are already approaching you, and slowly ramp it up as the game goes on.
Finally, it is rather hard to tell what level of special you have, so different particle effects for different levels of special attack would be very useful. I don't really know why it wasn't include in the first place.
Overall, this is a rather simple, yet fun game, but far from perfect.

this games is fucking onfer