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Reviews for "Apocashop"

good game but i think it needs sound like music and sound FX but really it a good game the taxs could be lower and u could make it a lil like paper plz where u have kids and stuff but if this get better i make a youtube video of it

Overall it's a fun game, but the time limit per day is way too short (even with the upgrades), and the tax penalty scaling should be reduced. If you spend any amount of time trying to figure out if a guy is the hero, you might as well give up because there's no way you'll have time for customers.

I say the tax should be reduced simply because there are a number of events that take away large amounts of your money already, so the tax should be more of an annoyance than a game-ending obstacle. 20 tax plus whatever the town guard takes away from you for lying about the rebellion is a MASSIVE blow to the player's profits in one day. I think the game would improve if the difficulty relied more on situations that could negatively impact the player's profits if they made the wrong choice, rather than the high daily tax. That way RNG wouldn't play so much of a factor in winning.

(Let me know if this is already in the game, as I didn't complete it.) A fun idea could be that in addition to heroes, there are villains in disguise that take gold away if the player sells to them.

So, a few things I want to comment on. After the first day, I didn't realize that I had a certain limit on the amount of items I could stock. This was a bit of an annoyance for me, as I figured I should just be able to purchase whatever I needed and be able to sell it. On that note, on the second day, I stocked up (spent every last coin) on swords, and during that day, I had 5 people in a row offer me 4 gold for a sword, which obviously isn't a good thing. At the end of the day, I only had 4 gold left and lost. Wasn't my fault, just the RNG being a total butt. But with that in mind, it's possible during the game to lose while doing everything right (for the most part). For that day, the only other option would be to buy one sword, lose on the profit, and barely scrap by the third day.
As well, it seems that every single hero will be a jerk to you and buy the item for a much cheaper price. They'll buy the item off of you so that you, the shop keeper, are left with less gold than you bought it for.
About the bounty hunter scenario, it ended with me getting a game over. I hid the guy, didn't tell him the bounty hunter about it, didn't tell the bounty hunter about it the second time, and then the next day he punches me and 'takes xx gold from the counter'. That resulted in a game over. So, if I were to walk up to you, the developer, punch you, take $15 from you, and walked away, would that result in a game over for you? Would you die and have to start over again? Would you have to use one of your extra lives? No? Then why does that have to be the case for me? I feel the game over should only occure if you are unable to pay your taxes, or something to that extent. Not just because your gold reserves are at zero. That's stupid for this particular game.
Lastly, for the 'hero that likes talks with his hands'. With that description in mind, I would think that would mean that he says one or two words, while using sign language. Having 4 people come up to my shop and start spouting out word problems and holding up hands is very confusing and annoying. If everyone is in that town is walking around saying "Can I buy apples in the amount of 2 letter words in this sentence" then that town deserves to burn. Hell, if I were king I would put out an edict saying kill every last f***er that talks like that. Kill their uncles too. They were probably the one that got them to talk like that.
In the end, I think the game has hope, but there's a lot of annoying occurrences and issues within the game to give it another go.
Good luck in your future games though Kyle

kylechu responds:

I'm sorry you didn't have a better time playing, I'll try to address your concerns one at a time -

We're working on a system to make sure that the player gets at least a certain amount of potential profit offered to them per day - I'm hoping to get that up and running soon, and I hope it'll help with the first issue you mentioned.

The hero buying for a lower price is kind of necessary in order to keep the hero and profit mechanics separate. If the hero offered you a good price, you could just only focus on making a profit, and would never need to solve the hero's riddles. Granted, it isn't the best solution, but it's the best we could come up with.

It's been a common complaint that you should be given the opportunity to make it to the end of the day to make it back to above-zero gold if you lose money during a game day. I will work on this.

Thanks for playing and for telling us what you think. Hopefully the next version will address your concerns! :)

Kinda short. Make it longer, I'm liking the play style :) Took me 3 resets so I wouldn't get bankrupt. Speed is needed for this game as the Sun will be your guide for how much more time you have to sell. Overall a fun timekilling game

whenever i click out of the game, for some reason it stops working but overall it is a good game

kylechu responds:

I've been trying to fix this for a while now and haven't had any luck, but I'll keep trying.

Thank you for the kind words and the positive review!