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Reviews for "Apocashop"

Very fun, but too limited/short. Hope to see this game fleshed out a bit/

Nice game, but it REALLY needs a save feature of some sort.

Other than that, it's awesome!

I would rate it 5, but its too short :(
Pretty fun to play, I love this kind of games, just think it needed more closure like interact more with the dog or a save feature would be nice.

That was damn fun! My only complaint is that it ended way too soon. When I was really getting into it the game ended.

this game is well-put together for a simple retro game... and an example of this is the calm music that comes a slow-paced text-Based choice adventUre. game. The consequences are as fair as iT can get. for example, if you don't sell an item to the "hero" your shop is damaged or if you go bankrupt, you rePlay the game frOm the start. the "herO" trait quest thingy and news only adds to the game rather than everyday you just look at numbers. small uPdates now... but I have expectations for more updates especially with its popularity.