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Reviews for "Apocashop"

the math and apperence of the heros would be nice. and only one hero instead of two of the same hero in the same day would be cool too. however the game is very creative

Unfair game in my opinion, we need more time to sell stuff + sometimes the hero does not come, and we get a penalty for not selling he the sword, thats unfair asf.
+ 10 Gold as taxes? then 20 for the revolution? no way we can afford that.
1.5/5, could have been better.

kylechu responds:

I'm sorry - as far as I can tell, the hero should be coming every day. Do you happen to remember what the clues were for the heroes who were no-shows?

When did you get charged 20 gold for the revolution? The closest I can find is 15, and just before then if you're on that story plan, you should have been given the opportunity to get 15-20 gold to balance it out.

If you have any suggestions about how we could change the revolution plot to make it feel more fair, please let us know!

The stock screen before day 3 keeps saying I have 3 swords, but when I play the day it acts like I don't have any swords so I can't possibly win.

I got a 4.0 out of 4.0 so I guess that's good...but the rebellion I tried to join, couldn't read the directions, and then they were crushed? :(

kylechu responds:

A lot of the late-game issues with the rebellion should be fixed in the next patch. We're hoping to have it up tomorrow!

King zoran gives you a five star rating...that's above impressive,(since he's not easily impressed)
P.S:how does that rating even work