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Reviews for "Apocashop"

Its crashes a lot but otherwise its really fun

kylechu responds:

Can you give us a little detail on where it crashes? We thought it was pretty stable.

i love that concept! five stars for you d00d

kylechu responds:

Thank you so much, happy you enjoyed the game!

a nice idea, but needs a lot of work. feels empty without any sounds, and gameplay is confusing.

kylechu responds:

I'm sad to hear that you weren't a fan. :( What about the gameplay confused you - is there anything we could do to make it more clear?

Great game, but the graphics are damn horrid.

kylechu responds:

We prefer to think of them as "having character". :P

I havent completed it yet but WOW
this is awesome
the story and the riddles are a great plus
good job

kylechu responds:

Thank you! Do you have any suggestions on what we could do to turn this from a four star game into a five star game?