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Reviews for "Apocashop"

This is an excellent game! Very original and fun concept. I didn't have much trouble once I realized that speed is important. Some of the clues can be tricky, but if you look for it there's usually a way to tell who might be the hero with minimal time taken.

There are a few changes and fixes I would like. First, it would be nice to have some explanation of what the golden clouds do. I didn't know about them at all until I read the reviews. I don't think players are normally expected to pay attention to background events. Also, this game specifically rewards *not* paying attention to background events and instead focusing 110% on your customers, which makes this counter-intuitive. So I think an in-game explanation would be really nice.

I'd also like the glitch where you can collect golden clouds after the day ends to be fix. It basically allows you to get as much gold as you want by waiting around and not playing the game.

I found the bit with the orb confusing, because the guy who gives it to you says he'll buy it back after five days and then never does. I ended up hanging on to it until the end because I kept expecting him to come back.

Looking forward to the update!

I found this game very interesting the first days were fun, but by the 4th day the game was trying to trick me into thinking someone was the hero more rather than giving me enough chances to make money, and the times it did give me a chance to make money the townspeople were to cheap to even give me the original price. The game has very interesting concept and I hope to more from it in the future, but this game has a long way to go before I can consider this game complete.

kylechu responds:

We're hoping to push an update today or tomorrow that forces the townspeople to be a little more fair. We hope you'll give the game another shot then! :)

Great game! Could use some improvement here and there but over all I really like. Side note: Did I win the game or lose when the King rated me 1.8/4.0

Despite being a short game, I found it's quirky challenges and (somewhat) memorable characters rather entertaining. I have to say, even though it wasn't perfectly obvious the first time I saw it, the Indiana Jones reference was very clever. I just have a few comments about the game, so try to bear with me:

I enjoyed the purpose of the rating system at the end of the game, though I'm still confused as to what it's based off. Is it related to the amount of profit you make during that day? The amount of money you finish the game with? Or something else?

I'm also curious as to what other sort of endings there are. Of course there's the different levels the King can give you, which cause him to have a different reaction, but I tried multiple times to join the rebellion and only ever managed to get the ending in which the rebellion is crushed. I think having a kind of achievement system for the types of endings you can get is the way to go, as it makes it more obvious to the player what sort of paths to need to go down in order to 100% the game.

The idea of having the sun as a time limit for the game is very clever, though I feel as if it moves way too quickly for the player to really think about their options when making sales. The incredible speed became blatantly obvious when during I think the second puzzle - trying to count out the letters for each word just to see how much they want to give for an item became an impossible task, and I had to reset the day multiple times just because I took too long trying to solve the riddle, and did not make enough money to stop myself from going broke.

The last thing I have left to say has to be about the golden clouds that occasionally fly past. At first, I didn't even realise their purpose until after I felt encouraged to start clicking on them about my 3rd play in. I think needs to be made a little more obvious, even if it is only having Jeff the Magical Anvil mention it quickly before you start your first day. There also seems to be a glitch with the golden clouds that happens at the end of the day. When Jeff announces that the day is over, if you wait for a short amount of time without continuing the text, the golden clouds will continue to fly past - allowing you to cheat quite a bit more money (depending on how long you want to wait). I rather like this little cheat, as I think it adds a bit more character to the game, though it is completely up to you whether you are going to remove it or not.

Besides this, I can't complain much about the game at all. It has a lot of re-playability, despite how short and small the game is. With a few more days added, as well as some optional music and sound effects, I think this game could become really popular!

Best of luck with the game!
- Kiara

kylechu responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

The rating system is based upon how much money you end the game with - with 100 gold being the top of the rating system.

Currently, the endings are a little sparse, but I'm hoping to finish writing some more of the stories and to get that pushed some time this week. I'll definitely flesh out a bit more of the rebellion's endgame when I do that.

In our next version, we're definitely going to extend the time limit for a day - you are definitely not alone in not having enough time.

The golden clouds are supposed to stop when the day ends, but I'm actually becoming pretty fond of the idea that they continue and give people a way to make some extra cash if they need it. I don't think I'll be fixing that bug. :P I'll consider telling players about the clouds, but I kind of prefer that they be an easter egg that only observant players can take advantage of.

I hope you'll give the game another shot after I add some more content, and again, thanks for the review!

It's fun so far but there are random parts where the game freezes and i have to restart the whole thing