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Reviews for "Apocashop"

i pass the game :D it was hard but entertaining xD the tip is not missing clouds or heroes so you can get more money
also, don't betray people

kylechu responds:

I'm glad to see someone found the clouds! Happy to hear that you got through and enjoyed the game.

This game was really fun I've been wanting to play papers please for a while now and this is exactly what I want out of it. Great game, but I do have one question, why is it called Apocashop?

kylechu responds:

The reasoning is that part of your goal in the shop originally was to sell to the hero and prevent the apocalypse. We're still planning on adding elements like that in future updates, but for now, we're just keeping it because it has a nice ring to it.

Also, if you enjoyed this game, you should absolutely play Papers, Please.

Very fun, almost exact like Papers, Please. Far less long and less interactive, but it's free!

Though I would like it to have a mid-game save option or the option to go back a day as well. if you made mistakes the day before.

kylechu responds:

We'll look into having a day select, but since this is just a student project for now, it'll probably get put on the backburner behind fixing balancing issues and squashing bugs.

Thank you for the review!

Great game. I liked random encounters. It's crashed once - i refused some customer, he gave me same offer, i've accepted and i couldn't click on play button until the day wasn't over.

kylechu responds:

Do you happen to remember the clues about the hero that you had on the day you got the crash?

Not bad at all...
Also, it's similar to the game called Papers, please.

kylechu responds:

Papers, Please was one of the inspirations for it! :)