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Reviews for "Apocashop"

i would like to see an endless game mode, more items, more choices, perhaps even a competeing shop to go against or at least compare your profits to
perhaps adding a chart to show expenditures and income and profits day by day.
overall very fun game and the odd ball charcters such as the heros, dog, rebels was very enjoyable.
lost .5 stars because it was easy i never dipped negative always payed taxes and gave money freely as long as you know basic econ to sell AT or higher than cost to you and have the items that each days sells most of. for leveling up more options would be nice, perhaps one for customers offering % more on initial offer or perhaps a max level perk that would have greater effect than the standard choices such as 2 extra item spots or much longer day time.
anyone having trouble for your level ups pick increase day time always once you have 2 item slots. sell at cost OR higher to reach levels faster. be prepared for tax which does dbl up every so often. often picking extra things such as helping the hero or the dog gives money long run dont miss out (hero sometimes even prevents you from losing money)

Fun enough though it's a bit silly that when you go into negative cash during the day with a pile of stock you still lose the game. If I could offer the suggestion that you should only lose if you can't pay your taxes at the end of the day.

kylechu responds:

I just pushed an update that should correct this. I've been meaning to do it for a while, but haven't because - and this is a little embarrassing - the font we're using doesn't have a minus sign and I was too lazy to add one. I just did, and it should be working now.

Thanks for the review and suggestion!

Great game, good concept. Like the pixel graphics.
Suggestion for the game is that if you get a score of 3.0+ you get to move to the next tier (metal stage). Or simply add stages
love the humor
Anyways good job on the game.

kylechu responds:

We would love to do something like this, but if we did, it would probably be pretty far out in the future. For now, we're mostly focusing on fixing bugs, adding plotlines / heroes, and making some of the code a bit cleaner. Hopefully someday we can add more content like that!

Thank you for the feedback though. Glad you liked the humor!

Fun and fast-paced. Catchy music, cool graphics. That anvil is amazing. Love the dog too. Good replay value.

However game needs balancing. Taxes are a little steep. Had to pay 20 gold to King Zoran and went broke. When I chose to retry the game at that level, I had 0 gold and no items left in my stock. So there was no way to beat the level.

Very fun, I really liked Papers Please and found this very enjoyable. Its a pretty solid game, the anvil is a likeable character and the storyline/gameplay is interesting. The one thing that I hated was that I cant click outside of the game box without it freezing (using Chrome by the way). The only way to play it was by constantly making sure I didnt leave the screen and so I got pretty far doing this and was doing well (around day 5 or 6) where it then suddenly crashed. I hope this gets fixed and wouldve given it a 5 otherwise, but that bug pretty much ruined my fun. Hopefully, save files get implemented (and possibly multiple to try different options like in Papers Please but that might be pushing it lol). Great job otherwise!

kylechu responds:

Thanks for pointing this out - I just pushed a fix for it, let me know if you still have the problem.

We're probably not going to have the time to implement save files, but we definitely would want to add that support some time in the future.

Thanks for the review and the feedback!