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Reviews for "Apocashop"

pretty good game. More an RPG than puzzle, but I still love it~! This is like trading in real life, whereas the people need to offer good money (like average) for a good item.

Great concept, Funny humor, And great branching story! Could be a bit longer though, And could have more upgrades. Overall a terrific experience!

Brilliantly executed gameplay! Being able to choose whether or not you can take a risk and be rewarded or keep your winnings makes me feel like i'm gambling at a casino! It took me a couple of tries but I finally got a 3.5 Rating from the king! I walked away satisfied (PRO TIPS FOR NEW PLAYERS: GET THE DOG, SELL THE ORB (40), AND TRY AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH FOR TAXES) Once again, amazing game, 5/5 Added to favorites.

Great game, some Papers, please inspiration huh?

Nice game i'll rate it 5.0/4.0.

The sounds effects/art are really nice. Looks like the game is easier with the last updates. I think it would be nice to have the possibility to make the game harder (for example by keeping the orb create a new line with more days and harder, or allow the player to join a rebel camp, where you don't have to pay taxes, but you have to provides lots of free stuff every days to help the rebels).
I understand that some people can get frustrated with loss, so not having all plot line too hard might be a good choice, but i'd really like at least one hard plot line. I think loosing is fun, and a close win after several failures more enjoyable than a win with 280 gold + orb.

Thank you for this game.