Reviews for "World's End Chapter 2"

it might freeze after killing Warden.

This game has very high tactical value. I suggest though to make a skirmish or custom game, so this game's longevity can be stretched further.

Excellently done! Still as unique as the first one, which is (usually) a very good thing. Dialogue remains amusing and fun to read, and the characters' (strained) interactions continue to be enjoyable to watch. Difficulty is hard, but the quick save/load and restart turn utilities alleviate that problem perfectly; extremely glad that is a feature as flawless victory would be near impossible without walkthroughs if they weren't there to let you back up from mistakes. It makes this a half-strategy and tactics, half puzzle game, if you like to play it that way, which is a nice unsaid little choice. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment, whenever that may arrive. :)

I could've swore that I already wrote a review to this chapter, but I guess that never happened. I greatly enjoyed the first chapter when I beat it on my old computer. Unfortunately, I had to get a new one, so I lost the save. So I beat it again a few days ago. And I beat this one just now. The medals didn't trigger, since I should've earned all of them, but I'm sure that's just a newgrounds issue. Beat it more or less in time for the new year as well, and I'm planning to take on the third chapter soon. Oh and as for the spoiler in the comments, you know the big one, it's entirely realistic. We'll miss them, or maybe we don't, but we'll move on regardless. The story was great and it isn't difficult at all as long as you don't brute force it, and appreciate that you may be in for the long haul. Keep up the great work, and look forward for my review on chapter three. And of course, for any that proceed.

The story just gets better and better, the characters are all interesting and the new skills are awesome. Absolutely 5 stars!