Reviews for "World's End Chapter 2"


Well, after many tries I could beat the all the battle with flawless victory without using either quick save nor resetting turn, I could even kill all the soldier in the battle where you have to survive 10 turns.
It was a nice challenge, I loved the game, it was quite hard, mostly in the fight against the Voronese Army, the grenadiers were problematic to deal. doing a lot of area damage. It got easier after the second playthough, since I started abusing the Mockery skill, setting some sort of meatgrinder.
Now is time to wait for the next chapter, keep the good work!.

Chuck Norris in the train chapter?
I would have liked more that if Reynold had beard like the first hillman he looked like Chuck Norris!!! and the roundhouse kick its so obvious!

-I love the retro game music.

-Game is long with a lot of battles feels like a full feature game.

-Interesting story.

-Interesting Characters with interesting skills. My favorite is Tevoran for now.

-Codex is a nice touch.

-Great gameplay.

-The death of one my characters was unnecessary. It was ridiculous he just died in an accident.
Tevoran recklessness almost cost the life of Reynold but it ended up killing another member.

-I spend more time reading a dictionary than playing this game seriously... I know its suppose to add to the experience but we are not all born English Speakers. That ruins the experience for many of us that their main Language is not English. Maybe add option so that we can switch to simple words for us not born in an English speaking country. Also you could limit the words or just let Tevoran speak that way.

-Not enough money, Sadly I lost my completed file from the first game since it came 2 years ago. Making buying consumable items and armors a waste of money.

-Not enough skill points. So I was never able to see all skills in the game in action.

2 battle where very hard the battle where we first encounter riflemen(Without the bullet proof vest that is on the map I don't think is possible to beat the level flawless) and the limited 10 rounds battle(It was hard because I wanted to kill them all). Everything else was fine.

Already amazing, and I haven't even broken out of the jail yet. Because I loved part 1 so much, I hopped right into part two. Of course, I loved that I was able to carry over all my progress. The first battle was a pretty good warmup, but the second one being a 4-way free for all, was extremely creative. This was the kind of stuff I was hoping Final Fantasy Tactics would have had in it. In the latter part of the first game, I had to admit the AI was pretty damn crafty, especially because I was trying to keep all my party members alive for those extra experience points. I'm really looking forward to finishing this chapter, and I've hardly scratched the surface. Like others have said, if you stitched this and part 1 together, you very well have a feature length game worth $20 easy.

I like to see a sequel but I can't to finish Chapter 1.