Reviews for "World's End Chapter 2"

Kind of sad that Vadim died since he was one of the strongest characters due to his passive "Backstab." HIlarious how he died though, with his last words being "OH PISS" rated 5/5 I'm already anxious for chapter 3. Hope Aizu comes back though. :P

Amazing how well made this game is! Awesome!

Simply stunning!

5 Tornado Spins for gameplay! 5 Slunk Nuggets for content! 5 Bulletproof Clothes for gear! 5 Grotesque Fungi for consumables! 5 Kidney Jabs for the narrative!! Yes, somehow I grew fond of Vadim and his incomprehensible elocution.

Yes it is crazy hard: need to be strategic about it. If you can hold off spending you cash till very near the end, you can afford a lot more of the better gear. Also I try to hold off spending skill points until I know I need a particular skill... no take-backsies means you need to be certain it was a wise spend ;) That said, with the right build (and a Chapter 1 save) is just possible to earn flawless victories... just takes a while.

What upgrades you choose is important. This is possibly one of the few limitations: you are limited on skill points AND zloteks AND items: this kind means if you don't pick certain skills, you'll make the experience much harder: e.g. heal skill usage is unlimited, but if you rely on slunk nuggets, you're gonna run out quick - which means it is hard to play the game AND try out all the skills. I would have love to try out Spin Slash... but that's a chunk of SP to unlock a skill that there never seems an opportunity to use (because if a character is swarmed, it's usually light's out!!) I suppose that's something to look forward to in future chapters ;)

THANK YOU for the ability to use the save from Chapter 1: this meant I could spend time actually hitting enemies, rather than throwing objects & dead bodies at them... (how I got through Chapter 1) I imagine if you haven't got a Chapter 1 save, you'll need to use this strategy to survive. Face it: if you want to enjoy this game, then you really need a Chapter 1 save!!


Easily one of the best games I've seen on NG. There's a few things I could nitpick about, but nothing that's really worth mentioning. Solid game game all around 5/5. Looking forward to Chapter 3!

You killed Him just like that???? WTH man