Reviews for "World's End Chapter 2"

it might freeze after killing Warden.

This game has very high tactical value. I suggest though to make a skirmish or custom game, so this game's longevity can be stretched further.

Superb game, I've been waiting for this one since I finished the First Chapter!

First, PLOT. I knew this was an ambitious piece of work since I first saw it. Starting off simply revolving around a band of villain protagonists trying to survive in a much less utopian world, the world continues to become bigger as the game progresses. I look forward to taking the time to examine the world, the continent, each faction and realizing who Aizu is. The game continues to revel in dark humor, especially with the deaths in this chapter.

Second, CHARACTER. Of Tevoran's motley band, the first 3 continue to be the center of attention. I find it hard to decipher Tevoran's sophistacted train of thought, but I noticed character development in Ivan (from he reveal that he was heir to a noble estate to becoming the voice of reason as the party) and Ysabel (the reveal of a skewed form of morality, especially when it comes to dealing with girls).

While the party takes everything from magic, monsters and political intrigue in stride, Ivan is well-aware that they are getting more and more in over their heads. In contrast to the main three, almost every other character (barring Zofia) have almost no character, being little more than their job classes (which are semi-parodies of regular job classes from other games). I do not complain though, as Tevoran's callousness towards his band fits with his personality and the world's overall nature.

Lastly, MECHANICS. The game steps things up from Chapter 1 (which I now retroactively see as a chapter-long training ground of sorts). For most of Chapter 1, I did not invest in weaponry, as throwing corpses around is more economical when it comes to maximizing DPS to AP cost. This time however, things are not so easy. The game rewards those who think outside the box, and punishes those who rely on degenerate strategies (like the corpse-throwing I mentioned).

Relying too much on the never-getting-old corpse throwing? Consider the spiders: fast-moving units with average health that can scale cliffs, attack twice in one turn, and are immune to either Stuns, Stasis or Poison while at the same time capable of inflicting them! They also leave small corpses that don't do a lot of damage when thrown around. Later enemies also don't die fast enough for corpse-piling to be reliable.

Relying too much on status effects like Stun, Stasis and Poison? The game will throw non-boss enemies immune to them.

Like to stay together with the melee characters guarding front? How about being forced to defend several fronts? With enemies that can attack 2 spaces in front of them? With enemies capable of scaling cliffs? Positioning is very important! If the enemy can attack more of you in one turn, it will definitely do so!

The game keeps throwing curveballs at you, with (The Train Robbery part being possibly the only breather), but I never see it as unfair. The game demands that I learn how to beat it, and knows I'm smart enough to figure it out. Sure, it's linear, but it means that you need to carefully allocate points and equipment, since you can't grind for them. It fits the game's theme, and make it more challenging!

Don't be afraid to rely on Quick Save this time around! A single miss on 85% hit chance can spell doom for your Flawless Victory, and there is always the Menu option to Restart the current Turn, or Restart the whole Battle! A Flawless Victory is almost always securable in each and every turn, just remember to position properly!

Overall, another awesome entry to the World's End series! So begins the long wait for Chapter 3... Time to put my save file somewhere safe.

I love this game. I've got to find my save file from the first one.

The story just gets better and better, the characters are all interesting and the new skills are awesome. Absolutely 5 stars!