Reviews for "World's End Chapter 2"

Pretty good. I killed the Warden and the game just froze, couldn't advance or do anything.

I was just thinking about this game O_o, was going to run out this morning and grab a bottle of vodka and now i realize why... ffs... gonna have to dive into it tomorrow, pretty stoked for this loved the first one!

The World's End is the best series of games on Newgrounds. A fucking masterpiece. Nothing on this site has made me laugh more than this amazing game. 5 stars, hands down.

I had to replay the first chapter just so I could have a decent party to begin with hahaha. I am not disappointed. Just started the 2nd mission, just saw that feign allows the rogue to backstab, had to give 5 stars immediately. Beyond that, the new abilities are great. Gameplay is the same as the last one (amazing.) The dialogue and story are amusing, definitely for fans of strategy RPGs and games with great humor/ characters.

I like the bad ass opening theme. If this game gets into Steam, it might get more attention.