Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

Pretty much removed the entire (well-made) upgrade tree from previous, replacing it with a very simple upgrade choice. Options were a little limited, especially in a game so focused on arena combat as this. The vast array of interesting spells has also been reduced, becoming 3 fairly bland spells with no additional effects. Overall, a disappointing addition, but with good potential. It just feels half-arsed compared with previous installments. Hoping the next will be a little better.

Mediocre at best, but with solid, basically glitchless gameplay.

Tyler responds:

It's a very different game. Tree wasn't gonna work in this genre shift.
Anyway, thanks for your feedback!


* Lots of different maps, which is fairly rare in arena shooters
* Good enemy variety, mechanically, at least


* Upgrades feel underwhelming, and there's not much room to personalize according to your playstyle
* A lot of enemies are more annoying than anything else
* Camera is too close; the maps aren't large enough to justify not being able to see everything (particularly considering certain objectives)
* Some objectives are way harder than others, despite being worth as much


* There's an upgrade to decrease your hitbox, but no way to tell what your hitbox is
* The cash from stars and rewards is kind of pathetic
* Maps are kind of ugly
* I have a tendency to occasionally mistake my pet for an enemy, given that everything else that moves is trying to kill me

Overall, above average, but not exemplary

Tyler responds:

thanks for the feedback!