Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

Really, really fun game. The quests are fun and I liked the blood splats, pretty realistic. The animations were also very cool. Nice job guys!

Got a little buggie for me at one point Im not sure why. Fun game regardless. I can see myself wasting alot of my free time playing this.

Design *
Audio/sound *
Gameplay(mechanics) *
Control(s) *

Simple Survival wave game , consistent of different monsters to keep you on your feet.

I don't know much about the series but this "conquest" version is pretty good it kept me playing for an hour before i realized how much time has passed, will give it an upvote on steam to get green lite but it will need more to get green lite I'm afraid content wise. Flash is limited, steam well need a bit more.

Other then that
Keep up the good work

Tyler responds:

Oh yeah, the video is a tiny percentage of what's in store. Plus it already got greenlit :)

Anyway, thanks for your comment- glad you liked the game!

Love this game with all the ketchup everywhere! Well done!

Blood from skellys (as viny said), owls and some slimes tougher than skellys, guys in hoodies far stronger than knights in armour... BEST EVER GAME 100/10!

seriously though this is a very good game, although my friend is a cartographer and he cri evertim playing this