Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

I´m still going through the game, it´s fun and different which is nice, of course there´s going to be pros and cons, and since it just came out things are going to need to be tweaked so I wouldn´t worry too much over it since it´s such a good concept you have here.
For things i noticed, the level up system is simple and really fits in here, but i couldn´t see any mayor difference after the 2nd gun upgrade.
After I leveled up past level 4 I couldn´t see the effects it had on the character or if spells were stronger or whatever happens.
Maybe pets could have an upgraded version? they do seem like baby pets and having stronger effects would help out a lot, it´s really exploitable.
Last but not least, not sure if you´ll think much of this but, when the living bombs explode, maybe you could make it so the bullets hurt enemies too? since you make them explode i think it´d be a nice little detail to add, but that´s all for that.

I really enjoy your games and I´m happy that you are bringing more to the table :) keep it up and hope you get the greenlight guys.

Overall i enjoyed the game was fun that being said i did find the last upgrade on the gun felt pointless as it still took the same amounts of hit to kill enemies ie large slime was 2 hits to kill on every upgrade past 2 i understand that it may effect difficulty to change this, maybe to counter that effect add a level restriction to level 5 as you will hit this level midway through the game. the pets would be usefull if you could upgrade their abilities ie bird can carry 1 more coin and moves 10% faster pig drops 2 coins instead of 1 keep up the good work would love to see some improvements

Pretty much removed the entire (well-made) upgrade tree from previous, replacing it with a very simple upgrade choice. Options were a little limited, especially in a game so focused on arena combat as this. The vast array of interesting spells has also been reduced, becoming 3 fairly bland spells with no additional effects. Overall, a disappointing addition, but with good potential. It just feels half-arsed compared with previous installments. Hoping the next will be a little better.

Mediocre at best, but with solid, basically glitchless gameplay.

Tyler responds:

It's a very different game. Tree wasn't gonna work in this genre shift.
Anyway, thanks for your feedback!


* Lots of different maps, which is fairly rare in arena shooters
* Good enemy variety, mechanically, at least


* Upgrades feel underwhelming, and there's not much room to personalize according to your playstyle
* A lot of enemies are more annoying than anything else
* Camera is too close; the maps aren't large enough to justify not being able to see everything (particularly considering certain objectives)
* Some objectives are way harder than others, despite being worth as much


* There's an upgrade to decrease your hitbox, but no way to tell what your hitbox is
* The cash from stars and rewards is kind of pathetic
* Maps are kind of ugly
* I have a tendency to occasionally mistake my pet for an enemy, given that everything else that moves is trying to kill me

Overall, above average, but not exemplary

Tyler responds:

thanks for the feedback!