Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

this is so much fun but everytime i get to the first save screen it just never ends, i started multiple games, is it my browser? i am disappoint

no option for female player, sexist piece of shit!!

(jk i didn't actually give it 0 stars hihi)

Tyler responds:

The next Sentry Knight will be a cooking sim and the main character will be a housewife who does dishes the whole game.

my only complain would be that I have found an annoying issue, when the dino pet stuns an enemy it makes it invulnerable for about half a second, not much, but when I'm in arena trying to doge bullets from every side I've been hit several times by a sneaky bat/slime I had shot and thought dead. Last time was 10 seconds away from the no hit achievement at arena but a bat took it away

I love it!!! It's going into my favorites. Great work.

As usual, a very good game. The aiming system is smooth, and I like the arena-style of the game, breaking away from the tower defense of 1 and 2. The general combat was pretty good, though I found myself simply strafing around the edge of the map and firing towards the center blindly. I don't really count that against you, as that's usually how games like this go for me.

A couple of things that could use improvement:
As others have stated, the use of the spells on the number keys is a little difficult to work with. With the tower defense, they were fine because you didn't have to worry about moving at the same time. It makes sense that it's difficult to use magic and move at the same time, but it hurts the game play. I would suggest making the player invulnerable for a second while it casts? Whatever you think works.
I have mixed feelings about the upgrade system of the game. While each possible upgrade made sense, they didn't feel like they were upgraded. I noticed the difference, but just the feel of the game didn't change.
I also noticed a small hitch: whenever I was up against a wall, my shot would often get absorbed by the wall. This was especially annoying when trying to cast spells, as I would commonly be backing into the wall to avoid getting hit.
Overall, this is a good game, but I feel like not as much effort was put into this as other games. I maxed out my character stats within probably an hour of play time. Most levels are either very easy to 3-star, or near impossible to do so. The game felt cheap and short, and there were a lot of places that I saw room for expansion, especially when compared to the previous sentry knights.
It's a good game, but not as good as it could be.