Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

With each of your new Sentry Games the game gets worse for me. Your first one was incredibly fun, the graphics were great, the characters didn't have those weird in-your-face eyes, there was a skill tree to make your character feel a little more you..
This game takes all of that and throws it out the door. Nothing feels fun about this game. Even rebinding the keys feels like a chore with the way you set it up. And the 'mysterious bad guy' is way too cliche. "HA HA HA! Even though you are just now getting involved you will not have an impact in our plans. Though my intentions are to inevitably kill you, I'm going to go away now and not kill you while I have the chance"
You know. THAT bad guy.
I'm not saying you're a terrible game developer, but you aren't getting any better.

Tyler responds:

I deliberately use story tropes while I improve my game design, animation and production skills and we experiment with genre. Thanks for the feedback.

this is so much fun but everytime i get to the first save screen it just never ends, i started multiple games, is it my browser? i am disappoint

no option for female player, sexist piece of shit!!

(jk i didn't actually give it 0 stars hihi)

Tyler responds:

The next Sentry Knight will be a cooking sim and the main character will be a housewife who does dishes the whole game.

my only complain would be that I have found an annoying issue, when the dino pet stuns an enemy it makes it invulnerable for about half a second, not much, but when I'm in arena trying to doge bullets from every side I've been hit several times by a sneaky bat/slime I had shot and thought dead. Last time was 10 seconds away from the no hit achievement at arena but a bat took it away

I love it!!! It's going into my favorites. Great work.