Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

Sound design was great, made it feel great firing the rifle, and it was a fun game, nicely done you guys!

Tyler responds:

:D :D

The gameplay reminds me a lot of Nuclear Throne...
Except, less chaotic

I love the game, a very cool Run 'n Gun game, that will keep you here for hours...

But, i still gotta say the save system doesn't work, hope that you fix it soon guys :)

As a huge tower defense buff, I've really enjoyed the Sentry Knight series. I'm enjoying this rendition, too, but started to experience some significant hitches during the gameplay. Every five to ten seconds the game will freeze up for about a one to two seconds. This didn't happen at the outset, but only began occurring after I engaged in some level grinding between the first two stages. I have a decent rig, so my hardware shouldn't be the source of the problem.

Shoting feels suprisingly good. Screenshakes FTW/