Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

I had a lot of fun playing this! I will admit that I was turned off by how I couldn't seem to move and fire at the same time. It must be something wrong with this laptop. Anyway, it was great to see all this action going on. The skeletons were the hardest to beat. They were so good with projectile attacks.

It didn't do much given my condition. It was still great to play. There were always new interesting enemies. I love how there are all these upgrades. I forgot you could use that magic spell at first.

A great game

upgrade to "decrease hitbox size"

never seen that before. that's pretty cool.

i absolutely hate the skill system. i could not ever get a skill off without taking damage because i have to take my fingers off the movement keys to hit a number button.

why isn't it q/e to cycle active ability and right click to cast it? why wouldn't you do that..?

i changed them to space, shift, and ctrl, but how nice it would have been to have it on right click.

right click CAN be used reliably and consistently in web-based apps now, so you have NO EXCUSE.

still a good game but i don't like how difficult some of the stars are. like killing the first boss in less than a minute.

and despite upgrading my hitbox, it made no discernible difference whatsoever. oh and the weapon caps out at a really crappy damage level.

Loving this game. Good job.

Tyler responds:

glad you're loving it!

You brought it out of a Tower Defense and made it into a 3D type shooter, surviving waves of the enemies we know and love, including some new Bosses and such. The design and style of the game made me think of Video Game: The Game in a way, because of the cartoon feature of the design. Overall, this is another stunning game, so keep up the good work!

Tyler responds:

Haha fun story - I was making this around same time we did Video Game: The Game. It was made to be a parody of this game :P

Anyway, thanks!