Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

This is a fun little short game. Has a nice difficulty- challenges are all nice and fair. The art style is just beautifully charming, and all in all, I had a lot of fun playing it! Definitely worth the 5 stars! Very well done! Can't wait to see the new tactics game you're making on steam! I'll for sure buy it!

Tyler responds:

Glad you liked it! Sweet :D

After Tactics, Im gonna make another free web game like this. Just bigger, better and building off the criticisms I got from players.

I think what would make this even better is an upgrade to increase the players movement speed.

amazing game.

the control is fluid, very challenging but fair and possible to complete without grinding.

the only thing is lower the star requirements for the bosses, because you have to nearly 100% the game in order to even finish the game, let alone unlock everything.

so fucking hard

Tyler responds:

>Is bad at the game
>gives it a low score

Git good scrub

Excellent work!
Just 1 question, where are the birds?
From Zebraa

Tyler responds:

Look on the map ;)