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Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

I love it!!! It's going into my favorites. Great work.

As usual, a very good game. The aiming system is smooth, and I like the arena-style of the game, breaking away from the tower defense of 1 and 2. The general combat was pretty good, though I found myself simply strafing around the edge of the map and firing towards the center blindly. I don't really count that against you, as that's usually how games like this go for me.

A couple of things that could use improvement:
As others have stated, the use of the spells on the number keys is a little difficult to work with. With the tower defense, they were fine because you didn't have to worry about moving at the same time. It makes sense that it's difficult to use magic and move at the same time, but it hurts the game play. I would suggest making the player invulnerable for a second while it casts? Whatever you think works.
I have mixed feelings about the upgrade system of the game. While each possible upgrade made sense, they didn't feel like they were upgraded. I noticed the difference, but just the feel of the game didn't change.
I also noticed a small hitch: whenever I was up against a wall, my shot would often get absorbed by the wall. This was especially annoying when trying to cast spells, as I would commonly be backing into the wall to avoid getting hit.
Overall, this is a good game, but I feel like not as much effort was put into this as other games. I maxed out my character stats within probably an hour of play time. Most levels are either very easy to 3-star, or near impossible to do so. The game felt cheap and short, and there were a lot of places that I saw room for expansion, especially when compared to the previous sentry knights.
It's a good game, but not as good as it could be.

A very well made game and I love the addition of pets, however I am one of those players who uses arrow keys to move and can't properly play using WASD for movement for me its like trying to write with the other hand which just doesn't work. It would be awesome if you guys added the option to use them for players like myself, that being said keep up the good work! :D

visual : Decent background and animations but art style is pretty samey compared to the other games you produced. Nice touch with the screen shake when the player character is firing though.

audio: Good music that appropriately sets the tone of the game.

ui : Layout of UI is well-organized and intuitive.


1) Difficulty in pressing skill hotkeys while navigating with the WASD keys (tendency to press the wrong keys while moving with WASD). Also, it is distracting to the player to look away from the player character to check the skill icons at the bottom left corner of the screen, especially when the player has to dodge incomoing bullets.

Suggestion : Change spell selection by cycling through the list of spells using the 'E' key with the icon of the selected spell hovering over the player character. Then direct the spell by right-clicking the spot on the screen.

2) Player movement feels too sluggish; player may feel frustrated at not being quick enough to dodge bullets.

Suggestion: Include an upgrade that raises movement speed.

Fantastic! The difficulty is perfect, the challenges are hard but not annoying, and the art style is great. Only a few things really seemed to bug me but hardly detract from the game.

1. Music comes off a bit... bland. Or perhaps cliche? I've heard music similar to it to much to enjoy it.

2. The skill select is a MUCH bigger issue and the reason for the half star off from perfect. Having to take fingers off the movement keys is near impossible without getting hit and I would much prefer to have an option to move them to right click or space.

3. Finally, this is a bug but its a bad one. When I get a medal, the medal pop up thing lags the game to the point of almost crashing my browser. I suggest setting the graphics to low on that or something because otherwise the game runs amazingly for me on full graphics and all graphics on (A rarity in flash games I might add). Though this may not be your fault and may be in the hands of the newgrounds site.