Reviews for "Iridescent"

great game! creative concept. left me wanting more.

Fun puzzle game.
Also, great update and improvement compared from the previous for the LD32.

great job man

Nice game, it was fun, great work!

Iridescent is a fun 2-D platformer that was simply a pleasure to play.

The graphics were pure pixel goodness and the music nicely set up a "spelunking through catacombs" vibe. But what really grabbed me was the delightful and intuitive color coded "spectrite stones" combined with a nice physics engine. Aiming with the mouse was a breeze, though I never really had to apply much "touch" and instead just blasted away at full power most of the time. Use of not just the usual, find the right color stone to match the button color trope, the game also involved "powering up" the stones with each color creating a different effect when powered. This was both an immersive and inventive approach by the developer.

The enemy design was also interesting, mixing up the usual blast away at them with an occasional need to lure some enemies instead of just killing them outright.

The controls took some getting used to as the jump function was a little stiff and I often had to walk up to the edge of a wall to jump up on top of it instead of the unusual diagonal jump from a few paces away. But the slow nature of our protagonists walking speed was helped with a dash function.

Dialogue was funny (though awfurry puny) and brief, just enough to get you into the action and provide a payoff after beating the end boss.

Overall a good game that deserves to be lengthened and / or given a bigger budget to see what else those stones (of new or different colors?) can do.

PixlWalkr responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback! :)