Reviews for "Iridescent"

This Game was fun. I really enjoyed the idea of using different colored gems as weapons or for solving a puzzle. My only complaint about this game was that it felt too short, But all in all, I really enjoyed this game.

It's rare that really good platformers come though Newgrounds, but this is definitely one. Great job.

Twist ending the Old man sent you away to bad touch your sister :P lol But naw it was a good game.

I loved this game :3 great artwork and music, and the game mechanics and puzzles are very good! I liked the light effects and ambience, as well as the different powers for the crystals.
I think some big levels could have checkpoints inside them, and I missed animations for enemies being hit. An in-game tutorial as well as a level selection would be good implementations.
Good work :)

PixlWalkr responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Glad you liked it :)

Kawaii level: 9000 deserves 5 stars :3