Reviews for "Iridescent"

i dont know i just dont like this game and feel like the art is old and not really special and its just a littile bit boring no hate

Great game, I loved the concept and art style, but the controls did feel sluggish and could have done with a quick tutorial at the start. Despite that I liked the mechanics overall, and the boss was a challenge to defeat without being overly frustrating. Good work!

Great game, Is it posible to avoid the giant bat fight? cuz it seems a little pointless to get a medal for defeating the final boss and 2 seconds later receiving another one for completing the game.

PixlWalkr responds:

Thanks! The last medal is just like a free small reward for actually getting the goal of the game :)

Cat puns aside...this is a fantastic game, well done!

In fact, it was a cool short game.