Reviews for "Iridescent"

cat got your pun. cute and challenging some save feature would be nice also an auto restart when you fall in a hole or otherwise become impossible to succeed being equivalent to dying after all youl starve

There's no feel of progression since I learnt how to Bless crystals: Levels still look the same, use the same crystals, have the same enemies, and are of similar length.

Some sort of level select would be really handy, but since I don't know if I'm 1 level from the end or not a 50th of the way through, I'm going to stop playing.

Excellent use of light. This crystal-based gameplay is a really neat concept. Not loving the dialogue, but it's not terrible.

I liked the game, it had a cute art style.
However, I have ran into an issue where I believe the game had a bug. One of the later levels require you to push down a button at the bottom of a hole that you are unable to jump out of. There is a chain hanging from the roof, and you have access to a gem. A box hanging from it would make sense as it could be pushed into the hole to press the button.
Some sort of auto- save would be nice. I reloaded the game to see if it was an intermittent issue, to find out that I am back at the very beginning.

PixlWalkr responds:

That part of the level that requires you to push down a button at the bottom is actually a puzzle tho.
Tip: Enemies have mass too ;)

Well, I need to use my 1 review before I even start the game! I don't think I can say anything more that already other had said, but, it is a problem with my computer or browser that I can't use neither E or the Mouse? And how do I pick those damn crystals?
I am waiting a reply, because I want to play this game that as other said is incredible, well except this guy named Zikonko, because, if it isn't your "cup of tea (Meaning: things that aren't what you like), why playing it anyway?

PixlWalkr responds:

I'm not sure why E or the mouse is not working for you, about the crystals, you just need to go through it (like picking up coins)