Reviews for "Iridescent"

XD I tried crushing myself with the rock blocks connected to the chains and i just stayyed stuck XD

PixlWalkr responds:

lol one does not simply crush a kawaii cat girl xD

Nice little game
Only question i have is that why only main heroine have tail, while elder catman and little sis have only cat ears but not tails
P.S. wondering, what could we get if we could bless white crystals

The cat puns are killing me... lol. Liked the design a lot and the music just felt right. Great work.

I'm fall in love with the concept , if you make a longer game with this I buy it .

The game is good, nice light mixing, crystals, and overall pretty cool. Just one problem: my character got stuck in a hole in I-don't-know-which level and i'm afraid to reload to go back to the beginning of the game. Can you add a save button/autosave, list your level, and make that puzzle a little easier? Thanks!