Reviews for "Iridescent"

This feels more like the a proof of concept than a full game. It'd be interesting to see the concept pushed even further.

The at puns get old before they even begin.

When you point out your own puns as annoying, it doesn't make it funny.

Game mechanics could be improved along with level design. The controls are sluggish and you could have used more unique ways to use the gems than just hitting buttons and repeatig similar puzzles.

Nice. Not too short or too long. Such a good game with a unique concept.

This was a tough game to rate. The art and concept are good, but I agree with others that the actual game play is a bit slow. Jumping and moving feels sluggish; I wish the character moved a bit faster. The game also started to get a bit repetitive after a while (same basic levels, limited gem types) and the story was mediocre, which made it hard to have any real desire to complete it. So, a good game, but it could definitely be improved.

My favorite stencyl game so far. A very quick story entertaining story with funny, albeit obvious, puns. The game play being short was a slight bummer, but it was still really fun; however, I played the game without realizing there was a dash, and that would have been my one complaint, movement speed, but that's user error.