Reviews for "Iridescent"

A nice little game, well done and - however - not too impressive.

cat got your pun. cute and challenging some save feature would be nice also an auto restart when you fall in a hole or otherwise become impossible to succeed being equivalent to dying after all youl starve

The game is good, nice light mixing, crystals, and overall pretty cool. Just one problem: my character got stuck in a hole in I-don't-know-which level and i'm afraid to reload to go back to the beginning of the game. Can you add a save button/autosave, list your level, and make that puzzle a little easier? Thanks!

I like this game. Simple but fun and fairly original. However, I am not sure how to cross 1 of the moats.

I couldn't get into this game. I think it was mostly because this game just went too slow. You had to do so much just to finish a single part of the level. It's still a pretty original idea. I guess the graphics aren't too bad. I really like the title, though!

It just does little for me. I would have liked a game that went faster. I will at least give you points for creativity. The music was fairly good. Thanks for at least giving us the instructions easily.