Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"

This game is very good but that game have so much lag .there should be button called stop animation

No better than any other clicker games.

Although the aesthetics and art style are beautiful, but still wasted on a clicker game.

Really nice graphics, nice music and not the usual booring idle stuff. For the next part, please do some more non-idle things in it, and it would be perfect...
Like ojibwa above me, i used a autoclicker after a certain point. And I would agree with him to do more with the gems. The music was nice, is it possible to do some more?

Game was designed with autoclickers in mind? Was barely able to pull off the level 20 battle with one in use. Had what I assume is the best weapon Elite Yumi (lv10) and Warrior Shield (Lv8), and all upgrades unlocked.

Was grinding for items for quite a while near the end, and also after I beat it, with all upgrades, never saw a Level 9 or Level 10 Shield for some reason, Level 10 Weapons were not hard to find however. Maybe I just got unlucky with the shields? Not sure if they simply don't exist.

I think I'm done with the game now, didn't quite get all achievements. Goblin Warlord is one, and it shows visually that you need 100 for that achievement on the icon, but says you need 1000 in the description text. Same thing for Goblin King

I certainly am not going to grind for the 10000 items Great Collector achievement. Even without the autoclicker I'm not sure that would happen.

Was fun, I liked the visuals, thought it was a bit of a shame that the green gems only bought you what seemed to be visual skins and nothing more, they could have been turned into another upgrade path.

Please make the 2 one cauze this game is amazing