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Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"

If only there was like 1000+ gear and people would be crazy about it!

diploms1 responds:

Maybe in next game hehe

Traditionally I hate "idle" games, but this one seems like a lot of effort has been put into every aspect of it (visuals, music, gameplay...) Therefore, you are going to get a bit of honest, constructive criticism out of me, lol.

- It would be nice if you could disable sound and music separately.
- It's annoying when you click on main menu button and all of your collected coins disappear when you come back, especially since it's possible to click it accidentally (the button overlaps the golden chest.)
- Sometimes I wish the coin magnet would hoover those things up a little faster (and it's on level 4/6...)
- There is a possible glitch: when I click the centre of the "regular" chest, the coins come out faster than if I were clicking closer to the bottom...
- Please don't take this last one personally, because I say it about all idle games: I hope this gets further refinement and the gameplay gets a little more complex than "click, click, click..."

Only thing I haven't found is a lvl 10 shield. nice game... finished it in a morning.

Is it possible to get the music from somewhere?

diploms1 responds:

Hey, you can download all 4 tracks from this link:

:D a review?, I'll give you one.

This game should come with some kind of warning.

After 30 min it makes you wonder about gaming addiction... must click more.... a bit faster.... one more level.... and i'm smashing a box....why? It's not really even giving me anything.... still need to click. ;)

bugs, cons: Mouse clicks seem to have some sort of limit, as it's not registering as fast as I can click.

diploms1 responds:

Hehe :D
It's not a bug, it's an anti autoclicker feature. Max click threshold is set to 115ms clicks. But it looks like many of people can click way faster than that.