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Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"

It looks pretty, I'm fond of the music and I really like that I'm not forced to clickspam until my fingers break to get stuff as the game doesn't drop coins that fast. I'm barely started, butI'm sure to get to the end of it

At those that have lag, maybe try switching to firefox? at chrome it was pretty laggy, in firefox it ran pretty smooth to me

It's a great game... but the game freezes randomly witch really hurts the game.

It's a fun game, I haven't even gotten into battle and I've enjoyed it quite a bit.
The music is nice, the just ability to idle also is great.

Coin upgrades are well spaced and obtained with a bit of work nothing to extreme which adds a good factor to the game of not needing to grind for endless amounts of time to do anything.

Battle: Simplistically good and fun again adds to the lunch break style game play this is good for and does well.

My one flaw and it's a BIG one is the memory eating this game has, it REALLY needs a quality button. I'm having lag troubles with it due to flash eating so much. Could be something in the code as well, but either way a fix is something to be looked at for sure.

Unbelievably addictive. Would have liked a bit more variation on all fronts, and maybe a little more depth to the battles? Otherwise, awesome! Added to favorites. (:

The lag makes this almost unplayable. I have a decent computer, and this is a whole new level of lag.