Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"

my game was reset :/

Graphics were good and the tycoon part is best and battling is great but my game got reset so i don't like this anymore...the music is also great and upgrades are cool as well as the animations

I liked the graphics but overall it was not a very novel concept.
The music - while at first quite nice - got annoying over time, so I was happy to turn it off easily.
What bothered me particularly from a game design decision, was the missing feedback about the awards progress (almost all of the awards were purely quantitative achievements). I think it's more encouraging overall if you know how far or close you are to such an award.

A real fun clicker game. And I have to say the Elite Frozen Snow Giant is hard to kill, even with all upgrades. You have to find the right equipment and click like a MAD MOFO!!!!

Great graphics. Terrible gameplay. Just stupid clicking.

I don't know if anybody else has encountered this but the game keeps freezing on me, even at the lowest quality setting. And when it does freeze, I can still hear the sounds. Good game besides that.