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Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"

I love the magic of this world - a beautiful forest, magical music and style - everything is almost perfect matched

PS I played half a day, but I purchased almost everything (including other characters) and beat bosses

nice idle clicker. medals would be nice and some "sell all" button.

I rate this as an Idle/Click-Game and as such I admire the fact that you actually made a finite game out of this instead of the piece of pie which is most other click-/idlegames. The Fact that I can actually finish this and the successfull combination of such games with real RPG elements as well as the artwork made me play to the end. No Ending is kind of a bummer.

Please, if you ever feel like doing a sequel, expand on this idea, more Items to equip, more functions, more enemies and more fun idle features. Keep it finite and it shall be fine.

Kudos to you, diploms1 and wooood.


Good game i max everything. But i don't know what is the use of green jewel and weapons.

diploms1 responds:

The green jewel (Crystals) are used to buy visual characters and wings. But weapons and shields boost your combat strength against all 20 bosses.

It is a pity that most items are only for selling and half of upgrades are useless. But I like it.