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Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"

This game is fun, addictive, and a good little time waster but it lacks some of the features that a lot of the newer clicker games have.

First off the graphics are stunningly well done. A unique art design and fully textured foregrounds and backgrounds with sprites that move and sway. The designs on the enemies are unique and the animations give you that feeling that you are actually doing damage rather than simply clicking down their health.

Game play is fun for the most part, clicking for gold, getting upgrades, then leveling up your character and fairies. Lots of power-ups and power up levels add to a sense of achievement.

I found it clever that you had to unlock the music and thought it pleasant and never thought to mute the sound.

However, there are several things missing that keep this clicker game from really being special.
One thing is numbers. Most clicker games have a percentage or some signifying number that tells us just how much we are getting out of each power up. Outside of the number telling us of the damage a weapon or shield gives none of the upgrades provide any information of how much they help when upgraded per level. Even one that really should, the "Increase Maximum Gold Cap" never tells us how much that cap IS per level. Just how much more damage do I get from "Increase Maximum Damage In Combat", who knows?

Also confusing is are the (upgrades?) items that can be purchased with the gems. Is it just a sprite swap and the addition of wings, or do they add a dimension to game play? When I purchase Orc Urim and put on the Red Wings am I more powerful, or is it just for show? Again, who knows?

Also, once I saw a pattern in the game I realized that I only needed to be focused on a few upgrades. The "Increase Maximum Gold Cap", the "Increase The Value of Gold Coins", and "Chance To Drop More Gold Coins At The Same Time" were really all you needed to focus on early on then getting the "Golden Chest Level" to 9/9 and the "Chance Of Finding Rare Items" to 10/10.
Since I have no idea if the characters and wings you unlock with the gems help you in anyway, there is little to no reason to grind for them. This limits game play as the efficient gamer will simply get those upgrades listed above, get a powerful weapon and shield, level up the remaining upgrades needed for DPS such as the damage, and crit upgrade, and decimate the monsters.

Finally there really isn't any replay value. I am not sure if this is by design but most clicker games are built for those that will play for weeks not just a couple of hours. But after having defeated level 20 I just didn't see the need to go on. I had purchased all the upgrades, all the gem upgrades and the only thing left to do would be to get money to kick the golden chest in hopes for a more powerful weapon. But at 1 million per hit that could take awhile.

In the end it is an beautifully animated and enjoyable snack of a game that will kill someones afternoon but it lacks some of the more basic features that really successful clicker / idle games have.

diploms1 responds:

Thanks a lot for the great review! We will take in mind all the suggestions and will try to use them in our next games. :)

Like InkDragon said below: my progress ... lost! :(

Kind of laggy for me, but nice pics & atmosphere.

diploms1 responds:

Hello, sorry but we uploaded a newer version and it unfortunately deleted all progress :/

very great game it made me finish. It was a fun thanks.

Very good for an idle game, not just a pure cookie cutter. Would definately love to see some medals.
However, the last few idem achievements seem rather ludicrous with an inventory space of 18....


Err. Sorry, This game makes me very greedy.

Anyway this is an awesome game but I'm kind of disapointed it wasnt longer. I've beaten it with all upgrades in about 2 hours of gameplay. There is nothing wrong with the pace and I liked each upgrade prices, but I am craving for more ennemies and more upgrades.

I cant seem to find a better shield than lvl8, I've dropped 2 elite excalibur looking for one. Oh well.

Please make a sequel and please make it bigger, it has a lot of potential !