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Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"

As mentioned before extremely laggy, seems like it has potential tho but right now its unplayable for mne.

laggy and no options to lower the quality

EXTREMELY laggy game. It has no option to change the quality any lower. Even right-clicking and changing it to low doesn't change anything. Lag is not something you want in a game about clicking.

Moderately fun idle/clicker.
Last three achievements on item collecting are insane.

It's a very pretty clicker game, but it's also an unfortunately shallow one. There are too few monsters to kill, too few upgrades/items to collect, and if you're going to have achievements based on collecting huge quantities of items/weapons, you need more than 18 inventory slots in the game, as well as a sell all unequipped items feature. You deserve credit for the animation, but there needs to be a lot more to do in a clicker game to keep them engaging.