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Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"

it's too nice for an idler. Too far to go to get 1000 of something - I got everything but. So there's no way I'm going to get 10000 of something when I would've finished in like 2-3% of the time to get 10000 stuff. Never saw > level 9 shield, don't expect to.

Looks amazing, and has a great soundtrack too. Still, it's quite easy to complete.
But, nice to see that after you beat the 10 bosses, more are unlocked as a sort of hidden challenge.
Wish the game had more of those. Also, I like what you did with the green crystals, but after I've unlocked some wings and characters, there's not much use of them. Dunno if certain wings or characters had a special bonus or something. Would be cool if you add more usage to them. But this is a pretty good idler. Just not as challenging.

i got the elite excaliber pretty fasst maxed all but wheres my elite lvl 10 shield XD i have a billion dollars and no shield lvl 10 XD just lvl 8

Loved every bit of the game, but I would suggest an extra use to the green gems. After purchasing all the characters and wings I still had battles to win so I ended up with a lot of gems. Would be nice to have extra purchases or simply to be able to exchange them for gold?
Overall a beautiful game. :)

Reasons I love this game :
1. The sense of collecting and upgrading to get some epic stuff and even fighting with it gives the game a good goal for the user.
2. The artwork is amazing. Look at the background and you can see they put a lot of effort into that.

Things to work on :
1. Add more use for green gems. ( collected by fighting ). Add more things to do with them . like many special perks or some cool character bonus.
2. The inventory bug. Once you get the 6th inventory slot. It appears half on the page half not. Maby there is meant to be a scroll feature or something...

Overall i loved this game. It is an original clicker with a nice twist. 4 stars