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Reviews for "Tales of Zale - Episode 1"

Am I the only one who saw a lot of parellels between this and the beginning of the Lion King?


That was reaaally nice. The animation and artwork are great, I especially love it when the background is drawn in a different style than the characters.
My only criticism though is that the story is set too fast; we directly go from Zale's dream to his exploration of the "other side", and I wish I knew more about the side they're actually living on; otherwise it makes it hard to emphasize with the characters and their differing point of views, and I think it kind of prevents us from really understanding their struggles as well (why is Zale so eager to go exploring when he lives in such a heavenly place anyway?), but I'm guessing we'll learn more about that later on.
Other than that it does look extremely promising and I'll be sure to follow your work from now on!

Beautiful art! Gorgeous animation! Looking forward to the next chapter! :)

great work the drawing are top quality for the fantasy tale the voice acting is diverse and perfectly done and the animation is ok . thou the lip sincying is not great ^^ but 5 stars

this should be a tv series. nuff said.