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Reviews for "Tales of Zale - Episode 1"

This is too good for Newgrounds. The voice acting is what pulled this all together so well. I love the animation style and I hope you dont change it. It felt magical yet real. I was hooked from the start and did't want it to end. The only tiny think id suggest is to better line up the voice with the mouth movement and I know how hard that can be with out doing 50 takes. Try doing a few different animations for the talking bits and use the one that fits the closes. I like that you are trying to match vouls but no one would fault you for puppet mouthing a bit. (Anime style talking frames.) Fantastic job dont ever stop.

Absolutely fantastic. Every aspect of this was very well done. The art, music, and animation blended nicely and made for a fluid toon. The only improvement I could not would be for the voice actors to emphasize certain words better. Some of the acting didn't seem too genuine for the scene at hand, but other than that it was awesome.

That was really good; the art, voice acting, music selection, writing, animation, all really good. The only negative thing I could possibly say is the animation seemed kinda slow/sluggish, especially when they were talking. The overall animation on it was good, it would just be a little bit better if it was more fluid. Other than that minor part, everything else seemed exceptional. I'm looking forward to the next episodes.

Nice job, guys. =)

Incredible work! Superb voice acting, story, backgrounds, and animation!

If I may offer one critique (and this is b/c I see how awesome you've made this, and I know you can make future ones even better); I think the character animation was a little sluggish. The keys / poses were excellent and expressive, but I felt like it took to many frames between poses. Try taking out a few in-betweens and see how much more snappy it looks :)