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Reviews for "Tales of Zale - Episode 1"

I really like it! The character dev is pretty good, and I instantly fell in love with Zale! Now, the rest is polite critisism (suggestions), so if you don't wanna see that then go ahead and stop reading. I think the framework is a little choppy, so pretty much my only suggestion is working especially hard on that. I know frameworking's difficult, but again, just a suggestion. Also, I'd like to see Zale's parents, along with know more about Elva's family. Thanks for this amazing creation, and good luck with episode 2!

danm this is amazing, its so good it should be a movie or show I LOVE IT SO MUCH :D

the animation are great, the plot looks interesting and it's so cuuuute, i hope the next episode will come soon. =D

WOW very well done the music,characters,story exelent

This looks like it could be really great series. The colorful character designs go well with the panting like backgrounds.

The story seems like it could be interesting, if only we were giving a bit more context to it. Clearly humanity has been gone for a while, but why? I hope to find out in future episodes.

The voice acting sounds like a japanese anime after being translated into english. But that's not neccessarily a bad thing as the characters emote in a very anime-ish way that compiments the two. So I like that.

I wish more emphasis was put into Zale and Elvas friendsihp. Near the end Elva says Zale would be helpless without her, but we're never given any back round as to how that is. All she does in this episode is look scared and tell him to turn back. She comes off as more helpless sounding then Zale does.

The only real complaint I have with this is the animation itself. It always looks like theres a frame of animation missing between each motion so it constantly feels like the movie is trying to buffer. The only time this isn't an issue is when Zale is chasing the rabbit and speed lines are added. The illusion of speed finishes the motion for the mind so fewer frames of animation are needed in that regard. It's an issue that's really distracting and I hope it gets resolved in the next episode.

All in all this series shows great promise and i'll be looking forward to even more of it.