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Reviews for "Tales of Zale - Episode 1"

Very strong animation style, great voice acting and production value! The only critique I can find is with the story, but that's hardly fair since this is only the first episode. There isn't really anything that grabs me (yet) and most shots seem to move at a slow pace, perhaps to showcase the art and ambience (though both are quite nice!)

this is one of the VERRY few videoes that I actually can't wait to see the rest of that have come out of newgrounds as of late. Definitly keep up the work. in all honesty, this looks like it had a pretty big budget, and i'm sure that having one would have alowed you to put this out sooner then you have, though it wouldn't have the same charm. good luck. also, in my opinion, the rough look that people are talking about really reminds me of some of my favorite movie cartoons, like the hobbit. (cartoon one, obviously), and the art style of it definitly reminds me of somehting else, but i cant remember what. anyways, i hope that you finish this series, despite what many other would say. keep it like it is, because i feel that this can become the style you will be known for, along with the story.

Wow, this is REALLY good... as others have said, a higher framerate would make the animation smoother. But it's okay the way it is, too.

I like the voice-acting and the art style, however the main problem I'm finding here is simply how slow the framerate is. I'd suggest having a faster framerate for future episodes, however everything else is great in this!

The story isn't all that interesting at this point which is understandable given how short the video is. However everything else is rather good. I look forward to seeing the next episode!