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Reviews for "Tales of Zale - Episode 1"

love the series already!

very well done art work I must say a nice compelling story to go with it the music is peace full like there is no more trouble left in the world and I nice par of odd friends I hope for more thank you.

Beautiful artwork and I really like the ruins area. Keep up the good work the animation just needs a little bit of touching but other than that you are doing a wonderful job. Reminds me of the good times where Disney and other animated movies were drawn by hand frame by frame.

creo que ya he visto esto mucho tiempo atras... de verdad me suena, pero era un historia donde los animales de las ruinas tenian una enfermedad que los volvia muy agrecivos, y un perro callejero los protegia a los protagonistas

Nice efforts! but where the heart of the story at? in a world like that you can't have animals with human behaviors! it makes no sense! how would they survive!? or who should they eat!? this the kinda stuff! disney likes to do! i sorry but i can't for the likes of me keep encouraging this type of stuff! it's time people learn to be more original instead of doing the same things! just to show off! that they can! this people below don't know what there looking so blindly they give good positive reviews! but to an untrained eye that's just the problem. but the problem lies with the artist not the viewers.