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Reviews for "Tales of Zale - Episode 1"

I'm really glad you choose to reboot this classic!!!!!!
The animation was spectacularly vivid and the voice acting was really great.
Heh, I could even recognize some of the dialogue from the original.

An Adorable romp with in a not-so dark Post Apocalyptic time.

Fantastic, work, simple art style, but good sense of emotional tone with the colors.

The Voice acting was quite good ( especially surpsie Edwyn Tiong).
The young woman playing Zale seems to be trying an Ash Ketchem approach, and as such her voice tends to fluctuate, but i am sure given time she will adjust to the voice of the character as much as she needs to.
Good musical scope, as well as a great sense build up to both character and story elements.
I am very curious as to where this is going to go story wise.
Where it could go is ANYBODY'S guess.

How ever the animation style is a bit to messy and the characters tend to clash with the painting like art style. I know i t would be terribly tricky to animate the characters if they have just as many pencil marks or brush strokes as the surrounding environment.
But try to keep something like that in mind so that the characters look like they actually belong to the beautiful backgrounds you have created.

All in all color me impressed with this animation, and i am excitedly awaiting what this will become. Given the time, talent and thought necessary to make this from good, to great.

the animation looked slow to me (not to be rude), but loved the VOs' can't wait till next episode xD

This is an amazing work of art with TV quality animation/music. First of all, the music is impressive...i felt soothed whilst watching the amazing colors and textures along with the sublime melody. The voice acting is amazing and the animals are very well animated and drawn. This is truly the representation of classic fables accompanied with prime music and voice acting. The only reason i am giving you 4.5 stars is because i enjoyed it so much that i would like for you to commit and keep pushing this project ahead, this has a LOT of potential please push forward and make this fantastic fable as magical as it promises to be.

I love the artstyle used in this, the animation works well with it. The characters are pretty good and were introduced right. I've never been good at drawing animals, so in my opinion, the way you draw them seem realistic enough.
Looking forward to the next episode :)