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Reviews for "Tales of Zale - Episode 1"

so cooool. i like your unique animation style. subbed your youtube.

I love the animation and the story to it

Really awesome guys love the animation and the story done well

Kind regards


Okay, I love it. A lot of potential. But I do have a few complaints.

Zale's voice actor is a bit awkward. I'm sure this'll get ironed out with experience, but better sooner than later. He/She isn't bad, but there's a small juxtaposition with the quality of the dialogue and the quality of the animation. Other than that, I do like the "floaty", almost surreal writing; it has a lot of pauses between character interactions and a lot intentional blank stares that give the world a bit of a dreamy feel. I feel some may critisize that, but I do think it's pulled off pretty well. The art style is fantastic, a mix between watercolor paintings and motion filled shots. I would critisize the frame rate in some shots, but just like Legend of Korra and Avatar, they are well done enough to ignore the jittery movement, as the artist uses the restrictions to their advantage. Like the review below mine, there is a lack of originality in some of the sequences, but as long as the writing at least tries to surprise me, I won't mind too much. I feel like the creators can improve their game, but I mean that in the most supportive way possible, as they clearly have the capability to and the conviction. This is something that will only get better, I'm sure of it.

The music, while hard to take conscious note of, is flawless in every way. The composer should try to make something more memorable in the future, but it is a very high quality regardless.

I'm excited to see more ;)

I like this but there's a couple of problems with this show. I'm only gonna talk about one though. There's a big lack of originality. I support the animation style and where the story is going (or where I think its going) but the lack of originality will take away from everything else that is good and original. For instance, in the first scene the fox, who I think is named Zale, says "Hello, is anyone there?" repeatedly while walking through abandoned woods. Then this character, of course, sees someone (unoriginal predictability) that seems to have a ghostly presence and begins to glow. The unoriginality had manifested in the plot, which is not always unacceptable, and the dialogue, which is always unacceptable. Perhaps the only thing I could think of that could help, besides trying something different because people tend get drawn back to the same things in doing something different, is figuring out where your drive to make animation is coming from in the first place. If you do this I guarantee you your animation style, and your writing style (if you are the writer), will improve. However, as of right now, I can't stand to hear this unoriginal dialogue. And there's really no excuse for it because every person has originality in them, it's only when they are unaware of what influences their style that takes away from it.