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Reviews for "The Chalice of Marfa"


Man this takes me back. I saw Lodoss war back in the day. Ha some of these characters were so annoying in the anime. Liked the variety of puzzles, and nods to the lore and characters, especially the 'Karla'-esque end of the story. Once I realized I got medals for killing people, well sorry Etoh, I had to press the wrong answer. 83 times. Seriously, was Etoh not the cheery, useless douche?

i know who it is but i am not going to tell

I love layton type puzzle games and the humour was quirky. The music was fitting and my only nitpick was the art which was just a bit pale in comparison to everything else. Otherwise the game was alot of fun. The twist in the end was pretty cool. For a first game this was very good. Hope to see some new games in the near future. :)

BoobMarley responds:

Real glad you thought it was quirky and enjoyed the Laytoneqsue style.
I can't say much about the art, other than that it was fun to draw otherwise beautiful/perfect anime characters as wiggly, grotesque jerks. Haha.

Can't say I didn't enjoy every moment of killing my own people for laughs, and then doing it at least once or twice again before moving on just to re-watch the little derp moments unfold, like that brick...That was priceless xD

I'd love to have more games just like this from you guys, it was just a pure fun filled laugh of a ride through the game, and i'm actually playing it a 2nd time to see if I can figure how to unlock parn, as well as finding the 1st secret gallery.

BoobMarley responds:

There's just one of us guys. Me.
All the other contributors are musicians and one voice actor.

...I guess I'll crack the whip on them too though?

This was really good! A lot of humor, music and decent graphics. It was pretty nice!